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Can't find my profile and my gig on fiverr after 1 week!

My profile and my gig can’t be found after 1 week of waiting even if it is marked as “Active”.
This the gig I am talking about :

Please help me.

Thank you


Even though a gig appears as active, sometimes it can’t be found through the search results because Fiverr has to verify it.

Go to “help & support” on the Fiverr website, search “manage my gigs” and that’s where you can check the status of your gigs!


Your gig is active but still needs verification from Fiverr support team. You can check you gig status here in the link

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Thank you very much !

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your account isn’t searchable, you need to contact CS, I had this problem before, your account seems like it doesn’t exist, unless you’ve the links.
CS will solve this for you

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I can see your profile on Fiverr

Yes but not in the search bar yet. @althafp

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same here, I cant find my gig in search