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Can't find my profile on search bar

Hello everyone,

I am facing a problem last 2 days, I could not find my profile when i search it on dashboard. I have check every pages fist to last several times with several browser and several computer but i don’t see this. Everything fine with my account, I am afraid when buyer search and could not see my profile with others, how they contact with me, how can i achieve my order.

Please let me know if you are face this same problem and let me know how can I solve this problem.

Looking forward to hearing from yoy.



you should use most commonly searched keywords in your gig by buyers.

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My gig and profile was absolutely fine was 2 days before. I am always stood 1st or 2nd page. Now i could not find my gig on any page. what should i do now?

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usually it happens, refresh the certain page you were before.

I did many times. but nothing changes yet

check 1 to 8 pages, at least it demotes to eighth pages.

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I have check all pages that had this category, not only 8.

I can’t find my second gig on search bar too.

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Okay then update your gig again…

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okay. Thanks for your suggestion

I am also facing the same problem from a month. My orders have decreased. Can anyone tell why this happens and when will it be solved?