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Can't Find My Security Question


I forgot my fiverr Security question.What should I do now?


From what I’ve seen lately on the forum with other people having the same memory issue, Fiverr will not help reset the question/answer due to security concerns (imagine if a hacker would ask CS to reset the answer, that would be catastrophic) and instead CS will ask you to make a hard effort and remember it :wink:

How to reset a security question?

That’s valid logic. But if someone forgets his/her security question and cannot remember no.matter how much he/she tries then? He/she should forget the account too? I think fiverr should ask them some questions about their account or may be using the email or something lime that to reset it. Wouldn’t it be fine?


Yes, you could ask CS to verify you are your account owner by sending appropriate identification material like IDs, first Fiverr transaction code, etc.

I just told what I saw lately on the forum, with Fiverr not wanting to reset security answers anymore and Fiverr asking us to just remember them.

I do think that the problem is with the person who sets the answer in the first place: it should be an answer that is simple enough for you to remember, and avoid cluttering the answer with symbols !@#$#%$^^&%^&*123./’ to the point of forgetting what the symbols were instead of remembering the answer itself.

That’s the whole point: to be a question & answer, NOT another password. You already have a password, why would you make the security answer look like a password as well by adding unnecessary symbols? :smirk:

How to reset a security question?

I understand. THANK YOU…


If I can remember the why I m wasting my time in posting on forum!!!


You think your memory will read Fiverr’s Report a Bug section and fix itself???