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Can't find the service I need



I am trying to find someone to do a Line Man explainer video that is like the link below.

I cant seem to find anyone on Fiver but am sure that someone out there knows how to do it. Is there a whiteboard or some other area on Fiver where I can post what I need in order for suppliers to find it and reply to me?




You could post a request in the buyer request section (buying->post a request) in the video & animation category (I’m not sure whether you have to select a subcategory, but if so, you could pick the closest to what you want).


Thanks UK. I cant seem to find the buying>post a request link. Would you be so kind as to post the link?


Never mind - I found it thanks


hi there is a software called videoscribe
in any case it is an old advertisement of Italian TV

Mod Note: link removed.


Could the majority of the animation really be done with videoscribe? Surely it isn’t really designed for the majority of that video, ie. it’s more designed for a hand+pen etc. drawing what will be a still image.


+1 for taking “La Linea” as reference :grin:
Search for “stop motion”. I sense it could be expensive.


in fact it is made by high level professionals


I assume most of it was normal cel animation, whereas stop motion is more for actual objects being moved frame by frame. Except for the bits where the hand is drawing things which may be shot frame by frame and could be stop motion.

I think it could be done digitally if it was done today, probably easier than before. Maybe a function could help create the continuous outline. Though maybe there would be copyright issues if it was too similar to the above - eg. if that was the only thing in that style (of that continuous line type of animation).


Do you looking for WHITEBOARD animation


No. Please see the original post, where the poster was looking for something in the style shown in their attached video.