Can't find where to verify my phone number to finish my creation of gig


I have created a gig and it’s currently in the ‘Draft’ state, at the end it comes up with the verify phone number option to finish creating. I have clicked the verify button multiple times but nothing happens, not even a loading screen.


There are other posts about this currently. Search the forum and you can join in on their discussion and you might find something that can help you.


Same here - cant seem to verify - some kind of glitch in system? have you had any luck?


Yes, if you contact support then they should be able to fix the problem. It only took them under an hour to respond and solve the matter.


same thing with me!! they called me and i got the code, but the submit button is not working and i cant click it!!


Hi, I seem to be having the same issue I have contacted support and they will contact me soon… have you done that?


Yes I did today but still without any respond yet


They haven´t contacted me yet either and now I got a 48 hs block from
trying to verify 3 times via sms and 3 times via call…