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Can't Finish Creating Gig, Please Help

Hello, I’m experiencing a bug where after I fill out my W9 it brings me to this blank page and I’m not sure why. Is this a bug? Please and thank you for answering I’m getting kind of frustrated now haha

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What Browser are you using? That problem may be caused by an incompatibility with your browser version. Try to update your current browser or use another one.
I dont know if you had the same problem but when I first created my Gig I could not use line breaks on the Gig’s description. If you can, check that your Gig description does not have any line break on it.

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Try completing the gig on a different device and/or browser. Also, you could try to clear your browser’s cache.

If you still have issues, contact Fiverr Support here to solve your issue:

Hope this helps!

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