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Can't Fiverr do something about the scams here? It wastes everybody's time!


Some of the buyers want samples and never continue the conversation when they get what they wanted. Or even they refuse to accept the offer! please do something Fiverr !!

Buyers want samples before they order a gig

Don’t give them free custom samples. Politely suggest that they buy a sample for just $5, and if they don’t do it, move on.


Hi there,
I think you can do it.
no need to give work sample before ordering a gig. Fiverr not a postpaid site Buyer must order a GIG to get his job done!. If you really need to send a sample before you can add watermark!

i hope this will help you


since you do translations, why not have a sample in your gig? An image of a paragraph in one language on the left and the translation on the right? Then you can point buyers to that as your sample.


The fact they don’t come back to you doesn’t necessarily mean that they will use your work. They maybe have asked 10 other sellers in your field and just decided to work with another one.
That doesn’t mean they scammed you.


They are under no obligation to continue the conversation nor to accept the offer.
Not communicating or not accepting an offer is not a scam.

Do not give a sample if you find you don’t get results from this. Giving out a sample is not a binding agreement they will accept your offer.


As said before, don’t give free samples.

However, I once gave a short sample outside of Fiverr and it brought in $25.000 and counting.
So it’s not always a waste of time, but Fiverr is probably not the place for this.

In addition I have to mention that I have a business outside of Fiverr. With buyers that I meet on Fiverr I stay on Fiverr. Fiverr has nothing to do with my other business ventures though.


As a Graphic designer if feel the buyer isn’t with good intencions, i put a watermark on the samples.Or i use dropbox i know fiverr forbids it but there you can make sure that the buyer sees it but can’t download it.Check dropbox and all the options you have there.


If you do things Fiverr forbids, then it’s really dumb. Your account could get suspended.


Well I don’t found it funny as well , give a sample to a client then i see by internet is using it without pay me,and then i complain to fiverr and they do nothing.


If there is no order, there is nothing to complain. It’s how it works.


I always charge the samples… If they order afterward, I deduct the amount of the purchased sample…

Entire world works like that, if the buyer is not willing to pay for the sample - then it is not worth to continue the conversation :slight_smile:


Whenever you are giving out a sample make sure what you are giving is not exact but closely related. Let say a buyer wants you to translate Spanish to English. All you needed to do is to give another Spanish to English translated as your sample. If it comes to worst, you can translate the first line as your sample.


The only sample buyers get from me is the one I created, not the ones they want me to create.


Fiverr is always working on improving the experience for both sellers and buyers but sometimes , some buyers can’t be avoided.


Please do not provide same work that clients want in demo. Provide related work of their requirement.


Simply put; you should always watermark your samples.


Depending on your gig, you should find a better way to let client know you are good for the money…How many reviews do you have?
If you have 10 great reviews for a start, you shouldn’t be giving out samples, if after 10 or more a client is not confused by your ability to do the work then they are not ready to work…

Or like someone said, give something closely related to what they need…