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Can't get a seller to test code on actual devices

This is my first forum post and I’m feeling pretty frustrated.

After sending my website through 3 different custom orders, and many rounds of revisions, I can’t get my issues fixed. Every seller tells me it’s fixed and they send me screenshots of device emulating websites where it does indeed work, but it never works on my devices or anyone I ask to test.

I feel terrible for requesting so many rounds of revisions but I have never made a seller refund me. Should I? How do I know they are trying to fix the problem? How many times should I pay for the work without getting the proper solution? Is this common?

Any help is much appreciated!

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Hi firstly I would like to know about your website issue please explain. Maybe I can help you. is it related to website responsiveness?

Secondly, it’s not common if your issues aren’t solved you can ask for refund

It depends on how much revisions you have got while placing the order if you have unlimited revisions you keep asking for the work until and unless it is done.