Can't get a single order


I’ve been on Fiverr as a New User since August 2016; that’s about 5 months, and I’m still YET to get my first order! It’s quite frustrating, knowing that I’ve done virtually everything as advised in the forums by Top Sellers. The Buyer Requests page also doesn’t show so many requests that I can pitch for; sometimes when I load the page, I find just 2 requests, each with a minimum of 50 offers already!

My Fiverr experience is rapidly turning into an unpleasant one, and I’m thinking of giving up on it altogether. Any WORKABLE suggestions would be highly appreciated.


Everything about your profile looks perfect already. Maybe you could create more gigs in allied niches to increase your probability of showing up in search results. (Banner design, ebook cover design, social media cover design, optin design, website template design, flyer, illustration).

You are in a saturated niche, that’s what’s hampering the sales. I’ve seen logo design gigs with 30k, 20k, 15k sales in their hat, so the work is clearly there.

Have you tried bidding on buyer requests?


Thanks silkroute. Yes, I have tried bidding on buyer requests severally and I face a couple of challenges:

  • The buyer requests are too few (sometimes I find 0 active requests available)
  • Most of them (about 70%) are simply gig advertisements by designers like me trying to get buyers to patronize them
  • The very few buyers with genuine requests are already inundated with offers (sometimes as high as 50 offers) from other sellers before I send mine. A lot of these buyers would have chosen a good offer and probably started negotiating with the seller before I send in my own bid.

These are a summary of the challenges I have bee facing with the buyer requests.


Hi @paigehobbs I am so sorry to hear that since I have had such an incredible start selling here. I had a look at your gig and it looks great. I watched your video and I had a look at what you offer and I just can’t see anything wrong or have any suggestions to make it better from my side.

Perhaps the problem is that that are so many people offering logo design? You are a graphic designer so I am sure there is so much more that you can offer than just logos.

Think if there is anything absolutely unique that you have a talent in that is maybe lacking in the design side?

I think that maybe the way forward would be to add a good few more gigs. Then perhaps have a look around the market place, there are a number of gigs for content writing for Fiverr gigs and perhaps if you can spare the money this would really make a big impact for you? You need to find a way to stand out from the crowd so you can start getting in your first orders.

I am sure that once you have had a few orders you will get repeat buyers and also you will have some reviews and maybe an increase in rankings. You just need to get your foot in the door!


It’s a scary scenario, really. Create more gigs, lay the net and wait for the fish. What else can be done about it; We are all pawns in a free market economy where sellers are many and buyers are spoiled for choice.

There are always logo design competitions going on in Sitepoint, Worth1000, ZillionDesigns, LogoArena, 99Designs and many similar sites. Just google their names. Keep an eye on these sites for design inspiration and other things.

If mainstream logo designing is too saturated here, you can use your Photoshop skills and try offering something offbeat and funky, something like this :

“For 5$ I will fuse your pet with another animal…”

Hustle! hustle!


Quick look at your gig, I found that your gig cover picture isn’t attractive. How about making your portfolio as the main picture instead of the video?


@silkroute LOL well that is certainly unique! I haven’t seen a gig offering that!



I think This will help you