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Can't get an order yet

Can’t get an order yet. Let me know if there is any mistake in my profile or any mistake in Gigs. What can i do?


Please Try stay active. Try to send 10 buyer request regular. Share your gig on social media.

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Thank you sir :purple_heart:
I will try.

Hey man you the message of Fiverr For what

When one comes to the “Improve My Gig” category on the forum and asks others to critique their Gig, the least one can do is leave their link so other sellers do not have to do the legwork to find your Gig. Those who take the time to give you a critique are not being compensated in any way and are doing it to help you, so the least one can do when asking for help, is do their part and leave their link so it is easy to look at your Gigs.

Case in point: no one who has commented here yet has even looked at your Gigs. All they have either regurgitated nonsense advice they have read over and over on the forum or said something that makes no sense whatsoever - all 3 responses (mine included) have not even looked at your Gig.

Get my drift now?

Thank you