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Can't get any order about the last 42 days?

@tanvirpiyas wait with some patient, and try to active at night times , you will get order for sure…


Don’t give up, Keep sharing your Gigs on social media…

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trying my best brother.

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thanks for your advice it will helps me a lot.

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Why do you think that time online will overcome the reasons people don’t buy your gig?

That’s your problem. You’re doing silly tricks to try to overcome fundamental misunderstandings about sales.

When did you last discover and buy something just because the company was online? I’ll wait.

Stop thinking being online a lot makes sales more likely. It’s a total myth and it’s quite ludicrous.

People buy what they want. They don’t buy something because you’re online.


I don’t mean that but I’m trying to sell my quality work. And thanks for your advice.

Professionally showcasing your skill is more important than being online all day long.
There are lots of forums/groups out of this one, where people share such kind of knowledge based on their own thoughts. Believing them, people come to Fiverr and act accordingly.

Most of the advice is not true like this one to stay always online. Even, I’ve heard from my students a lot that they use auto refresher extension on the browser so fiverr can consider them online at that time even though they are not.


The quality of ur reviews and work also plays an important role. If ur work isn’t unique or looks common then there are lower chances of buyers trying to buy from u. Make sure ur gig video stands out so that u start getting some clicks and eventually might end up getting some order. There is no straight forward answer to this. Requires a lot of trial and errors as well to see what works best…


Same here. :frowning: but still trying to get order

You are right but I do not completely agree with you. “They don’t buy something because you’re online”- You know very well how competitive is Fiverr and thousands of sellers are selling the same services and most of them are good. So, why would any buyers knock a seller who is not online when he has options to hire another seller who is online, so that he will be able to talk about the project right now. ??? Staying online increases the chances of getting more orders. Thank you.


It’s a great point. Thanks

Read what I said again.

Your being online isn’t the reason someone buys from you. Your being online doesn’t make someone want your service.

If a seller has something they want AND you are online, maybe. But being online can only help you if people actually want what you’re selling. And most buyers don’t care if you’re online.

But you’re assuming someone buys something ONLY because the person online and not even considering that maybe you’re superfluous and maybe you’re not credible or in demand.

And you’re assuming being online a lot compensated your being superfluous and unattractive to buyers.

It doesn’t.

Sellers would perform better if they stopped obsessing about time spent online, social media posts, etc. And actually researched their market and understood it. And built services that are credible and people want to buy.


With due respect, I think you should read my reply again. The first sentence of my reply is "you are right but I do not completely agree with you".
I didn’t tell you are wrong, but your assumption is not 100% right as well.
The last sentence of my reply is “Staying online increases the chances of getting more orders.” I never tell staying online can only get your order…!!! Before reacting you should read.

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And I just looked you up and what you sell and you literally have dozens of thousands of competitors selling the exact same things.

You’ve made yourself a needle in a haystack and you’re wondering why people don’t discover you or buy from you.


  1. You are saying I said being online can’t help you get sales. Not true at all. I said being online isn’t the reason someone buys from you. See the difference? If not, you need to work on your communication skills.

  2. You’re saying you agree with me partly but then you misinterpreted what I said and neglected the actual reasons people buy things: they want it – my whole point.

  3. Being online doesn’t compensate for high competition and superfluousness.

Along with, being online is the reason someone buying from you. Both of this true.

No, you rebutted me because you misinterpreted what I said:

You said my argument was that being online doesn’t help sales. I never said that. I said being online isn’t the REASON someone buys something and being online a lot accomplishes nothing and it’s a waste of time.

If someone isn’t buying your service it’s not because you aren’t online enough. That’s my point.

And you can’t overcome people not wanting your service by being online a lot.

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You like to do fallacious argument. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

It’s not fallacious. You misinterpreted what I wrote and I corrected you.

That’s the opposite of fallacious.

Good luck selling!

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