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Can't get any order from buyer! [RESOLVED]

I have made some few dollar via fiverr in the past but recently i tried to resume it but seem not tn be getting any orders.

i’m realy tried. :frowning: pleass help me, how i get buyers ? how to SEO my fiverr gigs?

Sheriff’s Note: You’ve been given some tips below on SEO and other ways to improve sales. There are many more tips on the forums and Fiverr site if you keep reading. This topic is now closed.

Questions like this have already been addressed many times in both the Tips for Sellers category, the Fiverr FAQ category, and sometimes My Fiverr Gigs and other areas like the Fiver Academy. While answers may or may not end up being useful, there are so many posts like these it can be overwhelming to read them all.

Here are some links to specific SEO topics and below that is a list of general helpful forum posts:

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