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Can't get any order.How can I get order?

Don’t get order.How can I get order?Please suggest me.

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keep sharing gig in social media

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I also experience the same :sleepy:

I also have faced same issue.

There isn’t an air-tight formula. If you aren’t advertising, it can take a long time for orders to start coming in, if at all.

I started on Fiverr years ago when they weren’t as mainstream. But now they’re pretty saturated in every category, so it’s definitely harder to get noticed. I took a couple years off of my freelance work, and when I came back, it took a couple months to get my first new order. Now the orders are slowly trickling in. I also only have one gig, so there’s that. You’re doing well having a few gigs available.

If you want more orders, you have to keep advertising. Regularly check your gigs and see if you can improve or change anything. I noticed on your “responsive wordpress” gig, you have misspelled “awesome”. You may want to fix that. :wink:

And for anyone that’s reading this, if your English isn’t very good, and your gig is all written in English, you may consider having someone look over your gigs so that they read correctly. If your grammar and sentence structures are poor, people may think your work is poor also.

Just a few thoughts. :slight_smile: Good luck!


See there are quite ways which would help you in gaining your first order.
I am like you. I am also not getting my 1st order

  1. buyer requests
    if you don’t get buyer request means no buyer is sending request for that related niche or you are seeing the buyer requests at the wrong time.

2.always work on your gig
not getting impressions,clicks,views so edit your gig try something different,means keep on working . online
this is a secret tip because if the person is visiting you ,the first thing he will notice is if you’re active or not. fiverr also notice this that if you remain online they will themselves promote your.

other tips you can see on other post because i think this is the most important.

Best of luck!


Send buyer Request Everyday

see you 've to write the description attractive .So the buyer would automatically choose you. tell what you will provide and at first keep the price as low as you can coz you want your first sale.