Can't get any order


Hello to all!
I am sending orders to buyers since last month but still can’t get any order and I am really disappointed by that. When I checked my gig statistics it shows 71 impressions, 7 clicks, and 9 views. Need help and suggestions from you all.
Thank you.
Asim Raza/Freelancer


Hey @asimrazajalbani

you can use the buyer request and also read the sellar tips in forum so you can get some idea and you can use the
social media it would be best for you.


Thank you for reply. I am doing that from now on. May be I can’t persuade my buyers while sending the requests therefore I need suggestions and tips also.


you can read the forum article.


Can you name it?


I agree with logoflow.


Give us an example. We can’t give you constructive feedback if we don’t know what kind of offers you send. Take the last request, your response and post it here (without names). Then we can tell you what you did wrong.

Although you could probably start with the portfolio. Your gig description says “The CV’s or Resumes will be designed in various designs.” yet your portfolio has only one vanilla example which is a stock photo :slight_smile:


@uxreview I will send here these.


@asimrazajalbani I think the forum articles can you.


I am new user please any one tips me on fiverr


Share on your gig different type of social media.