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Can't get digital advertising gigs starting out

Hi there,

i’m a specialist in digital marketing and trying to get some gigs on Fiverr but finding it difficult.

Any suggestions or anyone that is interested in amazon, google or facebook ads?

I have reduced my prices but still haven’t got my first client.

Maybe re-title the gigs.

eg. they all start with “I will free” - maybe change that.

One says “I will free amazon advertising consultation and optimised ads”.
Saying “I will free” sounds like you’re setting something free (releasing). Maybe change them so it’s clearer from the title what (paid) service is being offered. eg. “I will create an Amazon ad campaign”.

Though make sure that whatever the gigs are for is allowed by the site’s Terms of Service (eg. Amazon’s and whatever other site it’s about as well Fiverr’s Terms of Service).
Also send offers in the buyer requests page to ones you can do well if you’re not currently getting orders.