Can't get Fiverr revenue card


its been 2 months i request for fiverr revenue card but still not get my card.somebody please help me.i was mistakenly add the wrong gmail account.need help


Apply for Payoneer account again, submit correct bank account details and Postal address,
usually it takes about 3 weeks,


thank you for replying.
how can i request?


i can’t get option for apply?



apply again and when approve account than you can attach to your Payoneer account and you can withdraw.
its take about 2 days to approve your Fiverr revenue account,
and Fiverr revenue debit card take about 3 weeks to reach,

without Payoneer debit card, you can withdraw directly to your bank account


Have you contact Fiverr contact Support or Payoneer Customer support? Fiverr revenue card also provided by Payoneer.


alright thank you so much.


thank you so much for your time.


can you please explain lil bit more about your reply.


go to this link… this is Payoneer support. Tell them what exactly happen… they will help to get your card soon…


thank you so much for your time.