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Can't get jobs except from buyers request alone

Hello friends, ever since I joined fiverr, I have been an active user of the buyers request platform. Of recent I have noticed that I don’t get buyers that place order on my gig until I bid for work on the buyer request platform. What could possibly be happening? I understand that even without bidding for works a lot of folks get to be contacted for work. And the strangest been if I don’t bid no work. Please I would like somebody to enlighten me on driving more sales and getting more traffic to my account with little or less efforts put into bidding on the buyers request platform. Thank you. I’d like if someone can also help check my account to see whether I get most things right. I gladly await your comments. Kind regards.

It takes time. When I first started on Fiverr there were far fewer competitors, yet it took me several months to build to regular orders. In the meantime I used Buyer Requests, kept on top of my gigs, responded quickly and built my profile.

Keep on going - there is light at the end of the tunnel!


Ok so i checked your profile & what i noticed that you have just 12 reviews & in that one is negative, just listen closely, that a profile with 5 review 100% positive is better than a 10 review profile with one or 2 negative rating, becuase if any buyer see your rating he will see an average & will not try you, so that was first point now you have ti understand that it takes time to get express order & get your gig in fiverr searching higher,
here is an articular :
get through it & i am user if you follow it you will get some good output soon, & remember always deliver quality output.

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Great reply, i wish i stuck with my original account from 2013. I agree, be patient for traffic to come to you and don’t hesitate to advertise on other websites to stimulate potential traffic.

do not advertise your profile it is not good,

If you mean don’t advertise in the forums, then yes. But generally advertising is one of the best things you can do on sites such as Facebook and Twitter as they can massively improve your publicity.

…But only if you are connected to your target customers. Most people who try to use Facebook and Twitter are not even remotely connected to their customer base. They just post links into the social media ether, and expect fantastic results. Then, when they don’t get results from their random links, and no one clicks into Fiverr to purchase from them, they wonder what went wrong.

What went wrong is that they aren’t connected to the people that need their services. :wink:

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Yes, of course establishing a target audience is essential when advertising as you’re unlikely to get anywhere without one, but once you’ve done this then advertising can be of massive help to you - especially if you have a large number of social media followers.

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yes in forms or adword & other paid advertismnet