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Cant get more orders when i will up to level 1


Please help i Cant get more orders when i will up to level 1.

Checkout my gigs please give some suggestion.


Why do they have to contact you before ordering? It doesn’t make sense. For example in your Migrate a wordpress blog, you say very clearly that for one gig you will do it in 24 hours. What is there to contact you ahead of time for? That leads me to believe that you don’t charge $5 but maybe you charge more and buyers don’t like possibly bait and switch. So you should clarify what your real prices are if you are asking people to contact you first ahead of time, or say WHY you are needing them to contact you first.

Also, you have a few grammatical mistakes…

"I hardly believe in long business relationship with 100% quality work. Client satisfaction is big amount of any Freelancer and also my."

I think you want to get rid of the word “hardly” because the way you write this says that you do NOT believe in long business relationships.

And is also my ______? It just ends on my. Do you mean “mine”


Thanks You for help me . please give me more suggestions.