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Cant get my completion rate to more than 65% to create my seller profile and become a seller [Closed]


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You would not have any completion rate if you have no gigs.


I cant even get to the gigs, because i cant finish my seller profile.


Which parts are you missing please? Have you added at least one social media account, a personal website, qualifications etc.?

I know I struggled to get to the 70% but got there in the end. Check the green progress bar on the top right as you fill in the info - you can see which parts increase the percentage as you go along.


I checked everything but the ones below

  • Provide your education details
  • Provide your certifications
    and i only linked my vimeo account because it wont let me link it to my google account


If that’s because you linked it to a previous account, you could try linking it to a new Google account.

Cycling proficiency certificate? 50m swimming? A Udemy course possibly?


i tried to fake both already, it still doesnt rise


This might be why?

It does have to be genuine information.

I can’t think of anything else to suggest I’m afraid.


It still doesnt work :confused: thanks for the effort tho

You’re almost done!


A minimum completion rate of 70% is required to continue.
Your seller profile is off to a great start. Take a moment to complete the following steps, to help build more trust between you and your customers so you can get more work.

  • Please complete the following steps:
    [no steps get listed]


i created a new google account and it worked, thank you!


Glad you got there! Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry I misunderstood before when I answered. I didn’t realize you have to go through all that now to set up your account.


its all good, thanks for trying to help :slight_smile: