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Can't get my first sales PLEASE HELP!

Hi, I’m new to fiverr and I find it very difficult to get my first sales. I posted a gig a couple months ago and I don’t get any traffic. I have a video, nice description, the ordinary tags related to my gig, samples, pretty much everything I just dont know what is wrong. The new V2 fiverr design may be the problem because when I search the gigs in my category, they are sorted by rating, and since Im not rated my gig is very difficult to find.

That is the ling to my gig, I will be very thankful if you give me any advice or tip so I can get my first sales. Please HELP!

promote your gig on social media and forum

After viewing it — I’m going to say, its most likely market saturation. There are a ton of people doing web based services… in a place where most have competing websites to begin with. You may want to attempt to see what else you can do as a service for Fivver. Try and figure out at least 3 other things you can do. Luck to you!

Reply to @mirenbaines: Thank you for the advice !