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Can't get my gig approved do to my picture


So I tried to post a few samples of my web banners, but I received a message stating

"Your gig image would need to be of a better resolution, graphic or photographic quality. Please replace your primary gig image"

I’ve tried resizing the picture and that still doesn’t help, not sure what else to do…


Join the club. Fiverr likes to tell certain people that they don’t like their banner photos yet other sellers have ones on their gigs with words and other violations. OH and it turns out most of THOSE people all are TRS on fiverr.

elliott22x said: OH and it turns out most of THOSE people all are TRS on fiverr.

But the funny thing is that plenty of TRSs get messed over in other ways - Fiverr just doesn't make sense. Period.


I got the same message with my first gig. This is my 4th day on Fiverr and already I have a big list of gripes with the way it works…

  1. They don’t allow you to preview your gig until you activate it, who knows if the image quality is good if they don’t let you preview it at the size it will be shown?

  2. I was unaware my gig would go through a review and possibly be taken down, which means all the links I’ve sent out for marketing now point to a ‘gig is no longer available’ page. This is a huge deal for me as not only have I lost my marketing launch but my reputation with my audience is now down the pooper.

  3. I cannot seem to select which gig image is used as the primary gig image, which I assume they mean is the one that gets used as a thumbnail version. It always selects the one I don’t want to use no matter the order I have them on the gig.

  4. I would swear they are the ones automatically lowering the quality of the images as when I open the file on my computer it’s fine but as soon as I upload it’s a poorer quality.

  5. After they request you to modify the gig you can only save it once and it goes straight into pending review and you cannot edit it again. There should have been a button for ‘Send for Review’ as well as ‘Save’.

  6. Automatically setting the sellers location based on IP is a terrible idea. Now I’m stuck with Panama even though I’m only on holiday here and actually from Australia.

    While V2 does look good design-wise, it should have gone through much more extensive testing before ever being released. From all the complaints on this forum you can see that the state it’s in now is shocking.

    I can certainly believe that a lot of new sellers will not put up with this and just give up, which means Fiverr will lose the chance to stay fresh and earn more revenue.

    Sorry to get off topic there, got carried away with my rant. But if anyone can answer any of my complaints that would be appreciated :slight_smile:


am also stucked with my gigs approval