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Can't get my Gig Picture to work

I upload the pciture, it uploads without error, I save it and it shows it there as my primary then it just goes back to a blank space once I leave the edit page.


Clear the browser’s cache and then again Login and try ! :+1:

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and also use incognito in chrome :man_singer:

Delete all images from your gallery, upload new primary image and then upload previously deleted images. Save changes and new primary image should be updated.

Have tried all. incognito worked for a bit. FF/Chrome no dice after clearing site data/cookies, deleting images, re-uploading, etc. Can’t reupload my old gallery images, don’t have them anymore.

I’m sorry you lost your images! That’s terrible. I have been having this same gallery issue with all my gigs. It’s disappointing, and less-than-user-friendly, that we can’t see live updates when changing Gig images. To get it to behave I had to delete all gig images, then save and exit. Then edit the gig, upload the picture I wanted for my primary image, save and exit. Then upload my second image, save and exit. Finally upload my third image, save and exit. What a pain! As @parachaahmer2 has suggested, I think this is probably cache-related. I’d like to see our actions in the gig gallery refresh the cache though. It’s a pretty big nuisance when setting up a gig to have to do all this. Bugfix please? :pray:


Thank you, I’ll try this. Joined this month and haven’t had problems with new gig. Edited 1 gig last week and new image finally showed up hours later that day. Today been trying to edit 2 gigs all day. New gallery images will not show, old ones keep appearing.

One thing that I realized works about 95% of the time, is logging out and logging in to your account in a different browser. This seems to speed up the process significantly and your images update upon the “Save & Preview” option. Hope it helps.