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Can't get on seller's profile from messages

When I click the message icon I can’t get on the seller’s profile - just says not available - wondering if anyone knows what’s going on

Just says seller is no longer available

Sounds as if the seller no longer has a Fiverr account.

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Oh OK - is it possible he could have blocked me

That is also a possibility.

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Oh OK - can’t remember offending anyone the gig was going fine - anyway thanks

It doesn’t have to be offending, maybe the seller thought you were sending way too many messages instead of letting them do the job already.

Obviously, since I know nothing about this specific case, I have no idea whether that’s the reason, it’s just a thought. Plus it really wouldn’t be a good idea to block a buyer while having an active order with them.

I suppose there’s only 2 possibilities - accounts been deleted or I’ve been blocked

There’s a third possibility, too: a glitch. It happens. Or the account is temporarily disabled because there was something suspicious going on, but will show up later, once the issue is resolved.

You can try contacting Customer Support and asking them if that account is still active.

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Thanks how do I do that?

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Here is the link:

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Thanks I’ll do that now


Don’t get surprised if you need to wait for up to 48 hours to get a response (sometimes they’re quick, and sometimes it takes them days to respond). :slight_smile:

Guess I have no choice but to wait - I sent it off - thanks again

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