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Can't get order after getting level two :(

I got Level Two last month. I had three orders running before I got to level two. I complete the order and deliver. In other words, I fulfill three orders in a row but three clients give no reviews. I keep losing my gig rank. Now my gig has moved from page number one to page number five.
I haven’t received any orders since I got Level Two.
Why is this happening? To not get a review or to get level two? What should I do now?
I expect expert opinion on this.
Thank you

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Hi there…,

I face similar situations…, starting from one month ago.
Impression and click drop suddenly.
It seems that Fiverr made some changes again…,

Read this post, maybe it can help you found a solution and know what to do :slight_smile:

It was very informative. I got some answers from here. Thanks.