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Can't get order from buyer request

I started freelancing on Fiverr in August 2020. But I’m actively working on it from December 2020. From December to February I earned 100$ and all of them came from the gig, not from buyer request.

I send 5-7 buyer requests every day. But I didn’t get any response. For the past few days, I didn’t get any order and No response from buyer request.

Can anyone tell me that how can I get the order directly or from buyer request? I tried a lot but couldn’t get any order.


Well, we at least need to see an example of your offers that you sent to buyer request to be able to advise you if it’s a good proposal or not.

Otherwise it’s just a pure guess that clients just didn’t like your proposal/portfolio etc


same issue here. I also tired with this activity. 12 hours online,10 bids, gig improvements all things going useless. What to do?

Once again, as @mariashtelle1 said, we can’t really help you unless we see the offers that you’re leaving to buyer requests.

Also, if you’re looking for individual advice, I would suggest making your own thread. Thanks!