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Can't get person that did my gig to respond

I paid for a video and the video was completed. I requested that she upload the video and she has not responded. I have sent her two requests and she still has not responded. I told her in advance that I wanted the video uploaded after I approved the video. Not sure what to do at this point. She did a really good video so not sure why she won’t do the next step.

I don’t know how much detail you gave the seller, but if you only told her you wanted the video uploaded she might have thought you just meant uploaded to you on Fiverr. Since it sounds like she did send you the video as an attachment, that required an upload. If there is another location you wanted her to upload it to, were you clear about where and how? I agree with doubleu as well - sometimes sellers don’t see the notifications after an order is delivered. Send her an inbox message.

Sometimes I’ve noticed updates in the order page don’t create notifications. Try sending her a message via the inbox as well