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Can't get promoted because of warning-so unfair

Today, it’s my 60th day on Fiverr. I worked so hard, finished more than 60 orders, got great reviews. Literally worked every free moment I got. I was so looking forward to get promoted.
I had planned a makeover for my profile and gigs when I became level one seller. I purchased gig videos. And made some new gigs.
So 5 days ago I decided to make some new gigs. And in one gig as a beta reader I used the word review and got a warning!
And now I have to wait for 30 days. I am so dejected I can’t work and I have orders to submit.
I can understand that system picks up a word but can’t they review the warning. This is so unfair. Like i have seen people who write r.e.v.i.e.w and actually sell stuff.
Can’t an honest mistake be overlooked?
Anyways… Is there anything I can do to finish this before thirty days.


Have you contacted CS. The can look at it and hopefully address it. I’ve had good luck with them on a multitude of things thru the years.

I did to inquire if this will stop my promotion, but I am planning to do that again.

I know it might be demotivating however it’s only one more month till next evaluation where you can be promoted.

That’s a great lesson as for why do you need to read fiverr rules and TOS (which you signed that you read and understood them).

Exactly, those people know that they are breaking rules and they are knowingly trying to find ways around it which fiverr will find out sooner or later.

CS definitely wouldn’t remove this warning from you even if you’ll contact them again because you did break rules, even if it’s honest mistake, that’s why first time fiverr giving you a warning to show what you did wrong instead of banning your account. Isn’t that fair?
Not knowing the rules doesn’t lift the responsibility from you :wink:


How is it a violation if I am not offering the alleged service and not using the word with that meaning and intention. Fiverr should say DON’T USE THE WORD REVIEW EVER IN YOUR GIG TITLE.
And i understand the system picking up the word, but on request at least the CS should review it.

Well if you are sure that you didn’t break any rules then you can present your evidence to CS and if you are right they will lift the warning.

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it’s only one more month till next evaluation

Are evaluations monthly now? I thought they were every other month.

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On 15th of each month :thinking:


This is Fiverr. Not Fairver. There’s no fair here, just rules and standards we don’t always like, but we have to live with.

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