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Can't Get Rid of Bold Text in Gig Description

I have an ongoing issue for me where some, if not, all the text within my gig description are bold. In editing, it’s easy to see if the feature is toggled on or off. It’s a different story once you save and preview. In the past, I was able to avoid this by clearing out the entire description and retype everything whenever I was making updates. My gig pages look ridiculous with all these large letters. Is anyone else having these problems?

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Update: After experimenting, I learned I can negate the bold text by turning the sentence into a bullet point and save, then turning it off and saving. This is too much struggle. :roll_eyes:

You could try to just copy the text, paste it into notepad, and then paste it back into your description after removing the bold part from it. But still, too much work for such a simple task. This sometimes happens with WYSIWYG-editors I’m afraid.

Hi smashradio,
Thanks for the advice! I actually tried this method before resorting to retyping the description, but the result of the bold text was still the same.

Yeah, working with online WYSIWYG editors can be like boxing with your computer.