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Can't get to the site without vpn service!

What can this be? If I don’t use vpn today I can’t get to the fiverr. It shows me such error


Clear your browser cache and cookies.

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Hit Shift+F5 and try

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It doesn’t seem to work. And even fiverr application stopped loading today(

Did you tried with different browser? also turn off your router and start again

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Did you try to set manually the DNS of your card?
You could use for example the OpenDNS addresses:

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I did nothing, it just didn’t work, but already it all became ok itself. Thanksfor your reply!

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No, I didn’t tried other browser, but it’s not back to normal again. Thank you for the reply!

This I made and it didn’t help. But later now it became normal again. Anyway, thank you for your reply!

What do this do?
And it’s back to normal itself later now, but thank you for your reply!

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It will clear cache on the page.

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Then turn off all your firewalls and antiviral programs and try again.

Something’s blocking the website. I’m 100% positive that’s no Fiverr problem, but it’s your own Windows machine blocking the connection.

Also be sure to check your hosts (file) for any IPs added there.

Location is: %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc

If your hosts (file) is empty, and your firewall and antivirus are not blocking anything,

…and you’re positive that’s true, then go and check your router’s settings. Usually settings can be found on or

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Thanks for this reply. But by the way I didn’t do anything and it just got back to normal, I’m not sure what it was.