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Can't i show my portfolio to buyers? why discrimination with me?

Most of people with resume gigs are showing up their flickr samples by putting the link in description so i.

One of my gig also have already the same link but what now?

i made a new gig and boom! this warning. (1st image)

I have put the link in description to album which has only fiverr contact information (2nd image)

So how come i am “advertising” any external link?

and my other gig and other sellers aren’t “advertising” by doing so?

hey that were not the images i posted o.O whats going on?

According to the support article on the subject flickr links should be ok.

Reply removed due to misunderstanding.

All things aside. where are the images i posted :confused:

Ah. I see that now. You probably need to give the FULL link to your Flickr portfolio instead.

That’s probably because of the “@” in the link.

Reply to @willpower_hk: Thanks for your response. I’ll try

Reply to @willpower_hk: Feeling pissed now