Cant leave a detailed feedback for negative review?


My god i have hired this guy who completely wasted my time but i am expecting that when i cancelled the order i have a time to leave a detailed reason why im giving him a negative feedback, the real story what happened but it seems like fiverr doesnt allow that? whats their reason to automatically just give a default message on feedbacks like “Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!” are we buyers not that important? i want to give my reason so others can be aware, heres my story with ******* who’s supposed to submit 30 PDF manually on high PR sites look i am aware fiverr is full of spammers but im trying to be extra careful not to look one and i have my own strategy, and PDF submission is one … i have not doing anything until he is done so yeah he wasted almost 10 days of my life… i have when service providers do this… i paid for premium and this is what i get, i even accepted his extension offer cause he probably might be just busy … i gave him favors… my gawd … i want to give him a detailed negative feedback so no one would fall for it ever again.

i can only put 1 image since im new but i will be posting other screenshots later when someone else reply on this post thanks

Mod Note: It is against the forum rules to call out buyers or sellers on the forum. That info may be reported to Customer Support , but not on the public forum. Venting and screenshots are allowed with usernames redacted.


nevermind seems like fiverr is protecting bad sellers… ok i’ll leave it to your discretion cant even post a screenshot cant even mention the name, if he deserves to explain himself in the public he could… why stop us from ranting on the ranting forum? lol


You cannot obtain a refund, AND leave a negative review. You can’t do both. Either you decline a refund, let the seller keep his pay, and leave your negative review, or, you obtain a refund, but cannot leave a review. This is 100% normal, and has nothing to do with a conspiracy to protect “bad sellers”.


in your point of view its normal… :slight_smile: i’ll leave it there… thanks


There is no “point of view” here. This IS how Fiverr works. You cannot have a refund and leave a review. According to how Fiverr operates, you can only have one of these things… you can obtain a refund from your seller, but you cannot leave a review, OR, you can let the seller keep your money, and you can leave whatever review that you wish.

This is not my opinion. This is a Fiverr fact.


thanks for your post