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Can't level up, can't find my gig in search

I can’t level up even if I’m here more that 30 days, I have completed 45 gigs and I have all stars on my gig.

Second on my gig counter says 37 completed gigs but in Analytics its 45 (which is accurate info.)

And final, when I search for my gig I’m not in recommended section from recently, which is not fair all other gigs are still there (gigs with worst and better score than mine). Since then I didn’t receive any order.

Fiverr if you want to take the provision, why are you making it hard for us to get an order. The more orders more money for you.

Sheriff’s Note: Moved to Fiverr FAQS.

Your gig says “CREATED ABOUT 1 MONTH AGO”. Its not exactly 30 or 31 days. Give it a few more days and then contact Fiverr Support.

Your “GIG COUNTER” is the number of Reviewed Gigs, not total sold.

Fiverr is not “making it hard”. Your gigs are new and there are tens of thousands of other new gigs, and millions of established gigs all competing for limited space.

Fiverr does not guarantee Search Placement.

Good luck!

Thank you for your answer. Two days ago it was 30 days (exactly) that’s why I said 32 days.

But isn’t a strange thing that all the other gigs are still there only my is missing?

And I didn’t mean to make two treads, this one is supposed to go to “bug” subsection. :frowning:

Two partially different treads in two sections means that it’s one tread in each section with different purposes.

And I still didn’t get the answer, why is my gig removed from recommended tab in search and all the other gigs are still there. I just want to know the reason that’s all.

voiceoverwork said: Fiverr does not guarantee Search Placement

Sometimes your gig will show up near the top of a search result, sometimes it won't show up at all.. Fiverr's editors do what they want to do, and that includes choosing gigs they like or think are unique or interesting to receive exposure on the front page, or the newsletters, or the search results. But generally, except for top-rated sellers, everyone's gigs get rotated through search results. Those gigs you're concerned about will rotate through eventually, too.

Hi, I just want to say that after I contacted Customer Support everything is fixed. Thanks again for your comments, and special thanks to Anna. :slight_smile: