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Can't link my Facebook account


For a year I had another account on here, but I wasn’t active. So I decided to delete it and start over. Ever since I haven’t been able to link my Facebook account to my new Fiverr profile. Does anyone know why?

My Facebook isn’t associated with Fiverr anymore, so I don’t understand why I can’t reassign my new account.

Thanks in advance :sunglasses:


You can’t assign your old fb, email or other social contacts to your new Fiverr id. :nerd_face:


Agreed with @wp_kid ,In addition delete your browser history and cookies.This may help you.:sunglasses:


old facebook account, which you connect your previous fiverr account. It’s not possible to connect another fiverr account. so please open a new facebook account. :slight_smile:


Why should we link our facebook accounts?


@wp_kid @imammahadi651 @wordpress_sujon Thanks for the responses!!! :slight_smile:


@misscrystal I think it just proves we are who we say we are. It might be prefferable to buyers… though I’m new so I’m not quite sure either :wink: