Can't live my gig


I tired to live my gig. This gig about wikipedia backlinks service. Fiverr removed my gig 3 times. Anyone can help me please…


They have certainly given you some reasons?
without knowing the circumstances, the gig or the details, it’s quite impossible to help you :slight_smile:



Thanks for reply


That doesn’t really help, click on 1 of the messages to see if they give a reason that it failed to pass their review.

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Probably because it involves third party wiki pages. Those kinds of gigs are much less likely to pass review because they might violate a third party’s terms of service.


You can check your fiverr email. they had send you reason why the gig is denied


Check your email for better understanding please … and they have already said you whats wrong with it


Now my account has been disabled. :sleepy::sob::weary::disappointed_relieved::cold_sweat:


Now only the CS can help you
But if @somaginer1996 is right (we can’t tell for sure because you haven’t shown us the rejetct message) if you create a new account with this kind of gig, it will be probably disabled too