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Can't locate myself anywhere even by searching user name

Hello Everyone!!
I’m worried because my gig disappeared 3-4 days back, the gig status states active but need further review, I contacted support but I’m getting no response, and on one of my old tickets the guy said everything is okay with gig. BUT filing new ticket it does not seem too. my gig impresions since it disappeared is 0, clicks are 0, orders are only by old buyers. no message no click. even I tried to search myself with user name I could not find my gig or account,
Its really depressing, I need help. any CS member reading can reach out to me?


hi hopefully you are fine.wait for 1 or half days

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its been 4 dyas Sir!!

thats unfaceable problems

First, you have to find out unique keywords for your gig and try to increase your activity in the Fiverr forum :slight_smile:

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