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Can't log in fiverr app!

Hi fiverr people,

From last night I can not log in fiverr app from my android app. Anyone face the same problem ?? How can i solve this ??

I have re-install app, restart my phone, clear app cookie but nothing happens.

Please help me. Thanks

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Working fine for me. :slight_smile:

I am sorry.

What does it say when you log in your app? I have problems logging in once I’m connected to my mobile data, but with wi-fi everything is fine. I don’t know what’s wrong. I’m using the Android App as well.

Apparently the android app is really buggy. I have it and it works, but I also have terrible internet so don’t use it (I can only stare at loading pages for so long). Send a ticket to Customer Support with screenshots (google “your mobile phone model” and “make screenshots” for a quick guide on how to do so and they will pass it onto whoever the app dev is and they can look into it.

Hello, i am also experiencing similar difficulty, i don’t know what is wrong with the Fiver App on Android App.

yea me too

When i am using DSL internet connection then it will work but in 4g connection i am unable to login in android fiverr app

I just contact with customer support. They gave me many suggestion like clear cache, data, re-install. I have done all this but can’t log in still.

After long time again I can log in fiverr using mobile app.
Thank fiverr team.