Can't log in on android device


i’ve try hundred time to log in on fiverr app. but, it said that my e-mail and password were not match. but, i can log in on my pc. any one help ?


Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling the app?


Yes, i already uninstalled the app and install the latest version of it. i’ve restart my device too. but, it still won’t work.


I would suggest to contact customer support for assistance.


same issue in new update :neutral_face:


Having the same issue. Tried hundred times but no result.


NOTE: Latest Android version logs you out automatically from the app (probably an API update), you need to go to your Android settings > Apps > Fiverr > clear data > uninstall… then go to google play and re-install it.

Make sure you enter your password correctly, entering it “wrongly” 5 times may block your device for an hour or two.


Mine stopped working yesterday and crashed my phone, but it’s working fine today. :slightly_smiling_face:


Same here too, since yesterday. But it works fine on my PC


Million thanks @jdpremium
It’s working.


Thank you so much. it helps a lot.