Can't log on using Firefox (2017-06-13) [Resolved]


Please fix so that logons work in Firefox. This is a real annoyance.

Before anyone replies:

  1. Please, do not tell me to use Chrome. I already know it works in Chrome.

  2. Please do not write posts telling me to switch to Chrome.

  3. The should work in Firefox and it does not, as I write this.

  4. Don’t tell me to switch to Chrome. (I believe I already said that.)




Dear @bill_s ,

Can you use UC Browser .I think Its Work !


Do you have any ad blocker enabled?


Last three days back i was also not able to login from my safari on MacBook Pro but i was able to login through my windows laptop using chrome. Again same thing happened next night but this time problem got resolved on MacBook Pro this time.
Fiverr is doing some stuff actually. That’s why we all are facing those minor issues. I also now put into the whitelist… i don’t know if that’s a coincidence or not but after that i never faced any issues in login.


Switch to Chrome…!



[spoiler]I DONT use chrome, never installed it and have been running Fiverr from firefox from day 1. So the issue has to be at your end.

I use a 64-bit version of firefox based browser named Waterfox. You may wish to download that and give it a shot.

Good Luck :thumbsup:[/spoiler]


Hi Bill!
I sometimes have a problem logging in Fiverr,com with Firefox. Firefox blocks
the pop-up App when I try to log in with Facebook. But I can log in directly using
my ID and password with Firefox. Which method of logging in are you using?



I use userid and password for logon. Just updated Firefox. Still does not work properly: This is from two different networks and two different computers with two different operating systems, with no extensions installed. The odds of this being “on my end” are thus nil. Problem on end. Needs fixing.


Opened support ticket 2080610.


oh have you tried signing up and logging via google + or facebook?

I can’t login using userid and pass sometimes.


They have fixed the issue on the end (whatever it was). Firefox logon works now. I closed the ticket.