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Can't login using any browser


I made an account about four days ago, ordered a logo/business card, received notification it was complete, tried to login and couldn’t. I keep my logins for websites written down, verified I was typing the correct information, completed the captcha, and was asked to complete the challenge. I did this a few times before I decided maybe I entered the wrong password. So I reset my password, got confirmation that the password was reset, tried to login, got the same issue. If I don’t bother with the captcha I get wrong user/password even though I know it’s right. If I do the captcha I am requested to do the captcha again.

I’ve tried Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. I tried using my phone, my spouse’s computer, RDP into a work machine, Virtual machine and can’t login.

What am I missing? (I had to make a new account just to post this).


I was finally able to login, but I had to download the app on my phone and used the same login credentials I had been using and was able to access what I wanted.

Still don’t know why I couldn’t access on PC.


There have been issues intermittently for weeks. I posted here maybe 10 days ago having the same issue. Put a ticket in and was told there is no problem. Last night it started again and have had to make 4 new passwords to log in. Every time you reset the password by email it will let you in. Hoping it gets fixed soon as it is a pain to log into my email to make a new password every time I want to log into Fiverr.


That is odd behavior. I think I did experience it once a week ago. You can put in a support ticket with Fiverr - I am sure they will look into it if they haven’t already.


I think I experienced the same thing last week on another browser. Really strange.


Have same issue with firefox and my laptop, I’m able login only if I use so called “private browsing” and complete numerous captcha challanges :frowning:

  • Remove cache
  • Off vpn ( if you are using any )

Then try…


Im also having login problems. I get it when I use Firefox. Im constantly resetting my pass. Any suggestions please?


this happend to me at 4 times … my 4 time fiverr Id what i earn i lost coz account not open ::frowning: yeah its painfulll but all the best


Clear browser history & caches before login.
Again, If you can’t login,contact with customer support.
They can help you.:slight_smile:


Clear Cache and Try Again Mate


I also have that problem. I can only log in if I use the phone vertification.


1.Some service providers block fiverr. So try to login using another internet service provider.
2. There should be something wrong with your desktop. Check your PC.
3.Fiverr is designed to Google Chrome. Install the latest version of your browser and try to login. :smiley:


If you have installed Adblock extension on your browser, please try after turning it off. Additionally you can try turning off other extensions too.

Also make sure that your browser and all extensions are upto date.

Fortunately, turning off Adblock solved my problem.


This was the solution to my problem. For months now I had to reset my password everytime I want it to log in on Fiverr.

I have an on going ticket on custumer support for months now, they never told me to try this!!!
Thanks again.


Hey Man you are a Genius. You solved the problem.


I had this happen when using IE on my work PC. On my Macs, no problem…


I had the same issue with Google Chrome. Clearing the browsing data fixed it.