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Can't login using Opera Browser

Does anybody experience issue trying to log in with Opera browser? I can’t login with it since I have changed my login details. Firstly, I was confused and sent dozens requests to restore my account details until tried to log in with other browser.
And since I can’t log in with Opera browser. Browser re-installation doesn’t help.
Any ideas?

Just use Google Chrome and you are good.


Use UC Brower Friend.

Currently I’m using Google Chrome, but I don’t like it. Opera is most light weight browser I have ever known and have many features for surfing. I don’t know why fiverr developers ignore it

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Because nearly nobody uses it.


Google Chrome are best. ! use google Chrome . Fiverr alws refer this browser.


I have kinda Google phobia, I dislike Google for all positions
Opera as popular as Firefox

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That wikipedia page is actually really interesting, because if you scroll down under the summary table section it shows different percentages than those in the map.
For July 2017, StatCounter shows (a little hard to read, but I’m too lazy to actually type it out):
Usage share of all browsers for July 2017
Source Chrome Safari UC Firefox Opera IE Samsung Internet Android Edge Others
StatCounter 54.3% 14.15% 8.57% 5.73% 3.98% 3.74% 3.53% 2.47% 1.74% 1.7%
And Wikimedia shows:
Source Chrome Safari IE Firefox Edge Opera Android UC Yandex AppleMail Amazon Silk Others
Wikimedia 45.8% 21.7% 9.3% 6.8% 2% 1.4% 1.3% 0.5% 0.3% 0.2% 0.1% 10.4%
So Opera is pretty small compared to even Firefox. Honestly, I’d never even heard of it until today. Maybe it’s a regional thing?



Opera was never “as popular as Firefox” :wink:

Here is the direct link to the statcounter stats, easy to read:

BTW: If you don´t “trust” Google and it´s Chrome browser: There are several possibilities to configure Chrome to not to send “too much” information to Google. Or you can use a Chrome fork. All this can be found out, using the Google ( :slight_smile: Ha!) or some other search engine :wink:


Best is to use firefox! better speed for fiverr and cache handling!

And why Fiverr, like much other websites, explicit recommend to use Chrome?
If Firefox works fine for you: fine, but it is not the official recommendation.

Funny someone should bring this topic. I found login problems with Opera too and thought starting a thread. Hope Fiverr addresses this problem asap. I wouldn’t choose to move to a different browser.

You have to :slight_smile:
Nobody will optimize a website for a browser with less than 3 % market share on desktop computers.

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Ok. I’ll move if I have to. But the login issues are transient and the site works just fine in every other aspect. So for now me and my Opera… :hugs:

Everybody are sure the opera isn’t better our accounts? because I’m using opera just my fiverr account, if anybody really sure to opera doesn’t use.
I’m waiting the best response about opera.