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Can't login using PC/Browser! Access Denied!

Hi there,
I cannot log in in my Fiverr account since tomorrow. When I am trying to log in, it is showing “Access Denied”. But still, I can log in to Fiverr Forum!
Can anyone please help me with that.
Thanks in advanced.

Try clearing your browser. If that doesn’t work please contact customer support for assistance.


I’m doing that.

If your account was restricted you should have gotten an email from Fiverr.

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No, I didn’t get any “restricted type email”.

Your account seems active, but according to your profile you offer Twitter and Instagram followers (that’s not allowed), and your gig descriptions have some discriminatory content, as well.

Perhaps your account was really disabled (if it was, this is not a bug).


No, my account is not disabled.

If you keep offering forbidden services, it will be.

Am I offering any forbidden service?

Twitter and Instagram followers.

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No. I’m not offering followers for social media. I’m only offering Business Email List, Visitors in your Websites and Facebook Business Page Creation. That’s all!

Your profile description states otherwise.

Oh! got it!
Thanks for reminding me.