Cant make a payment?


I have chosen a graphic designer that i want to make my logo. I have then selected the $5 option and put my credit card details in and it comes up with an error message saying unable to proceed. I check my statement and PayPal have taken $1?? I have already used Fiverr and paid for a logo through someone else and the transaction all went smoothly. I dont know why i cant now purchase anything?? I tried purchasing through a few different designers and the same message every time. PayPal have taken $1 about 5 times now!! HELP PLEASE!!!


Same thing happened to me… made a purchase once on Fiverr, everything was fine. Now I try to make another and it stops me. Also receiving the same errors that you are. Only seems to happen with Fiverr, and even using a different card makes no difference. Hopefull we get some assistance.