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Can't make an offer on buyer requests?


It says you need at least 90% positive rating. The ‘make offer’ button is disabled.

I’m a new seller btw


Your account was created in 2012, so perhaps you deleted an old gig that had a review on it?


I have been using Fiverr since then, but only as a buyer. I never sold a gig before


@jonbaas if i make a new account, will it work?


Hmm. It’s possible that buyer reviews might count. If you ever left a review for a seller that was less than 5 stars and//or the seller decided to leave you a lesser buyer review it could have affected your overall percentage. If so, you will have to get some 5 star reviews to balance it out. You can’t make another account because it’s against the Fiverr Terms of Service to have multiple accounts. Doing that will get you banned eventually.


Although, you can contact CS and inform them about your issue, then permanently delete/disable this account and create a new one as a new start! :sunny:

OT to @fonthaunt:
If he deleted old gig with less review, his profile would display that but that is neat and clean!
I think, your 2nd guess is correct or perhaps it’s just a silly bug!


You can only make offer on buyers request, only if you have overall profile ratings above 90%.

What you can do is offer good services so that your profile ratings go high and about 90% and then you will be able to make your offers on buyer requests after that.

Hope this helps!


If you are a new seller, can’t you use buyer requests?


@meenimod, Seller can send custom offers to any buyer who post in ‘Buyer request’ category.:slightly_smiling_face:

  • Seller can’t post on Buyer request category.
  • Only A buyer can post on Buyer request category.

Hope you understand.:slight_smile:


just because! you are not rated! Make some good deliveries and take you account again to best rated! so that you can make offers :slight_smile:


So a new seller, who hasn’t sold a gig, can’t use buyer requests? Thisis what I’m asking, because it is given as advice here to new sellers to use buyer requests.

I am a new seller and can’t use it.


they can use! why not


Well, why can’t I???


Might be time to ask Customer Services?


Yes, I’ll do that, thanks


I am facing same problem. They say that you can’t offer to buyer request your rating is below 90%.


It seems you worked as a seller in past, and you have lower rating [ below 90%]
Or you worked as a buyer and some sellers give you lower rating, which will be below 90%.
The best option is to get some reviews, either by acting as a buyer Or create some gig and get some orders and do the best and get 100% rating.

Imp Note- To make offers you should have an active gig.