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Can't make buyer request

well i am new on this site and have received three orders yet, and one of them rated me with 5 stars but one of them rated me three stars and my rating has dropped down to 4. i want to make buyer requests but i because unless it is 90% i cant. What should i do please help.

Check it out. Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, Etc.)


thank you. ill surely check it out @mmh4560

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Are you a buyer or seller? Your question is not much clear to me for answering.

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The review your 3 star buyer left was actually very positive, and doesn’t match a 3 star review.

You could ask them to review the feedback they left you using the resolution centre on the order page. It’s not something Fiverr wants sellers to do on a regular basis, but it would seem you may have a case to ask them if they made a mistake perhaps?


i am a seller not buyer

:star: Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, Etc.) .