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Can't make changes to my gigs


Since the maintenance update yesterday, I can not edit and save the changes to my gig. It just sits there spinning saying “Saving Changes” but never saves. Consequently I can’t change my gig price, description, etc.

I put in a ticket, but was wondering if anyone else is having the same issue or is it just me. Usually if it is a site wide issue, it gets solved quicker.


p.s. This has been the first time I have been able to log in to the forum and post a message in 25 days. It took about 15 minutes to log in but I made it. Also I have 20 plus day old ticket in on the forum but no solutions as of yet.


I tried yesterday and had the same thing, but I assumed it was my internet. The forum has been broken and on/off for, ooh, ages.

Fiverr is pretty much borked at the moment, which makes me wonder what the maintenance was to maintain.


I’ve been experiencing a variety of unexpected issues in the last couple of days but most were gone within minutes.

If the problem persist, I believe your best bet would be contacting Fiverr’s Customer Support and asking them for assistance with the problem.


I tried the normal before putting in a ticket. Cleared cache, tried both Chrome and FireFox…but no luck. This morning I tried to change my price, clicked saved, left for breakfast, came back and still no save. Hopefully If it is site wide, hopefully Fiverr fixes soon.


yes, I already contacted CS. I was just curious if others were having the same issue or if it was just my account. Keep fingers crossed Fiverr fixes soon.


same problem here! … another maintenance soon? >))


I was unable to make edits in my current gig. I thought maybe its due to my internet problem.