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Can't make withdrawal


My name is brightservice1,
I applied for fiverr revenue card thereafter I have received an email from payoneer stating that it has been approved. But the problem is when I go to withdraw funds from my account it shows me an message “waiting for card issuer approval”

I am proving you the proof of approval here & request you to resolve this issue so that I could withdraw funds from fiverr


You will get better help if you contact Fiverr’s customer support and Payoneer regarding this issue.


I have contacted fiverr customer care, but they are yet to help out. Do you know how i can go about it?


Did you get your Payoneer card yet??


Yes I have gotten and activated my payoneer card.


Have you received Payoneer card ??

Thank you!


Yes I have received my payoneer card.


My revenue card is showing card activated, go to your email for further instructions, but nothing is in my email… No instructions to follow.

When I tried withdrawing from my mobile phone, it says an email has been sent to your PayPal account. I didn’t activate PayPal account, and i wonder why am having this mess now that i want to make my first revenue withdrawal.