Can't open a conversation


I have the little number one by my “to do” tab. when I open it is says I have one message and the green button is there to respond. I click it and attempt to open the message and there is nothing there. It has been this way for a few days—and no matter how many times I attempt to open it, the little number one that indicates I have a message doesn’t go away. I don’t have any messages in my actual email account. Am I missing a message from someone who is ordering a gig and I can’t get it to open? What’s up with that?


I just had that happen to me, too. I wonder if it is spam??? I actually had a strange message last week too where the buyer sent me a message, but had attached a picture of my gig. It disappeared though. I really think it was spam.


Have you tried going directly to your inbox? You can get to your inbox by clicking the drop down menu next to your username in the upper right hand corner.


I am have to break it to you… It is a ghost message!!! o0o0o0o yes this paranormal corps of a response has already been read but still remains… watching and waiting until the glitch allows it out of limbo and into the true message graveyard.


Reply to @matt_garry: if something paranormal comes through my screen, I am sending it your way! Have fun with that! tee hee


Reply to @jais5678: I just did! Thanks, that seems to have resolved the annoying little number 1–even though there still wasn’t anything new there! Sheesh! Thanks for the suggestion.


Reply to @writermomof2: Maybe it is! Weird! Thanks.


Reply to @writermomof2: I replied to you and it went under another response. My computer is possessed apparently. LOL Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe it is spam.