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Can't Open Attachments

A buyer attached several photos for a gig. I can preview them, and download them, but once downloaded I can’t open them in any program (Paint, Photoshop, Photos, etc). I have no problem opening Jpeg files downloaded from other websites or e-mail attachments, just not any that I download from Fiverr. I have tried downloading them through Chrome and Firefox, neither worked.


Have you resolved your problem?! I am having the same issue!!

I had the same problem, files were .jpg but I couldn’t open them. I’ve found some site that can detect filetype by analyzing the file. they appeared to be in some new unusual format (sorry, don’t remember its name), so with that knowledge it was easier to find an online converter for this format. In my job original quality is not necessary, I just need them to be readable, so it worked for me.

It was not resolved directly.

My workaround was:

  1. Download to my phone via Fiverr app.

  2. Share file to Google Drive

  3. Download from Google Drive.

Then it worked.

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