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Can't pass a moderation



I am pretty frustrated because I can’t pass a moderation.

I am giving language lessons by Skype, so there’s not much I could show as an image. I tried to photograph different objects which contain Russian labels, but neither was approved. Fiverr didn’t explain what exactly was wrong, so I am not sure if I can do anything better.

I am not the best photographer, so perhaps I could hire someone to photograph objects for me.

And now Fiverr deleted the text of my Gig! It is the most frustrating thing, because now I’ll have to recreate it from the very beginning.

I understand that they have some kind of a “Graphic” market.

It makes no sense if the product has nothing to do with graphics, but I can accept it - it is their concept.

But why should the process of creating gig be so frustrating? And why do they need to purge the description?


Think the previous comment is right about the Skype thing. I’ve gotten in trouble for referencing my blog. They’re pretty adamant about keeping everything within fiverr only. I can’t imagine there’s another way to do what you do without Skype, so maybe try it again without mentioning that, maybe something vague like "Will provide Russian lessons via the internet."

For image, I’d go with just an image of you from your webcam (or implying it’s from your webcam via a better camera), give people the impression that you’ll be doing this via Skype without saying it.


I doubt it’s your picture. It’s probably the way you’re referring to Skype. I have a skype approved gig. And I helped a fitness model on Fiverr get his Skype approved gig. And I helped a hypnotist get his skype approved gig.

If you click my name to look at my “Consulting Gig” you can see how I did it.


For an image, the Russian Flag off Wikipedia should be public domain and you could maybe put text over it saying “Learn Russia On Skype $5”


By the way, how do you feel about the high level of anti-gay violence and laws going on right now in Russia. How do you feel about the Olympics being there?