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Cant place order


Im i the only one experiencing this?I cant place my order for over one week now. im getting this error

“We are having a problem processing this order. Please contact our support team for assistance.”

I contacted fiverr and havent heard from them and gues nw ill have to ask somebody else to purchase the gig for me.This really sucks.


i’m experiencing the same issue
im really getting sick n tired from this process
delaying my project.


There must be a problem with the mode of payment you are using. I will suggest you to use different credit card or PayPal account, it might resolve your problem.

One of my buyer had this problem and different card helped him :slight_smile:


I don’t think fiverr want people to place $5 gigs. 90% of my clients place order using the custom offer I send. Also, as @dexblog suggests, you may order multiple gigs at once.


Reply to @rahulkajla1:
I don’t have another card. I also don’t think it’s a problem with my PayPal because I’m able to buy the 5$ gigs but when it comes to custom orders I’m getting an error.Im beginning to think fiverr wants people to buy 5$gigs multiple times so that they can profit more. I don’t get it why they want to start fooling us.The custom order request isn’t working and they are really wasting people’s time as we try to place an order multiple times to see if it will be processed only to get multiple errors.It sucks and wish they just notify people t’s not working to avoid wasting time .


Reply to @evelyynn:
you can try to buy a multiple gig. So for some users you can buy 100$ from multiple gig…


Hi , I have the same problem and I can’t processing my work since more than 1 week ?


I’ve contacted Customer Support but no one has responded.


I have a message from a potential buyer that she can’t place an order.


Update: customer support straightened it out promptly.


Some times this problem is because of using old browsers. Tell the buyers to us the chrome.


i tried everything , Vpn , new debit card new account but no result my order was 30 dollars custom